E-mail Hosting with your Domain name

It is always advisable to have an email which belongs to your company. For instance info@solinfinite.com is much better than infoserviz4u@yahoo.com. You must always associate your email with your business as it is more professional. If you already own the domain name, we help you in migrating it to our services in simple steps.

Webmail with a desktop feel

Not many of us are aware of Webmail. It is a system by which you can check email over the web from any place in the world. We help you setup Webmail so that you do not miss out on important email even while you are on road.

Management of Internal mail system

Managing all mail of all the departments of the company is an important step in ensuring effective communication. Solution Infinite Networks manages all the emails with the help of mail servers and we even help in deploying policies that suits your business the best. We help you in installing all things needed on client nodes as well as troubleshoot all possible problems that can jeopardize your day to day operation.

Policy implementation for emails

Policy implementation is first step towards secure communication. Solution Infinite Networks helps in enforcing policies for emails that are according to the vision and guidelines of the company’s internal controls. We help you in setting up anti-spam and anti-phishing technology.Our services ensure that no unauthorized personnel access your emails.