Our company provides a full combination of IT solutions. Our clients enjoy the variety of server management services offered by our team. It allows multiple numbers of systems to communicate with each other simultaneously. Here are some of them:

  • Domain Server: It will serve as a convenient server for the management of the domain names. It’s a user friendly server which can easily create and manage your DNS records.
  • DC & RODC Server: Possessing expertise in this domain, our team uses the latest technological advancements for providing the required services.
  • Terminal Server: This service involves technology which basically provides terminals with a single connection to the LAN and WAN.
  • Replica Server: Our team provides services for creating replica servers for your organization which help in developing a back-up for your existing server.
  • Database Server: Our team has the required experience to create and maintain database servers which serves as the central system which connects multiple users within the network.
  • Mail server: Our past experience involves building mail servers for our clients which serve as a virtual post-office and consist of a large storage area. They efficiently deal with a variety of communication modules.
  • Anti-virus server: Keeping security as a priority, our company provides antivirus servers which provide the best protection against viruses, bugs and other unknown threats.
  • Web server: A web server plays a vital role in dispensing the web page which is requested by the user. This will allow your system to communicate with other users within the network.